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Sunday Project, by m


I sewed it!


Paradise, by j


A week ago our parents were in the South Pacific – Hawaii!

Dad told us all about the scenery.  Mom told us all about the poverty.  Par for the course.

Since the three of us couldn’t go (not all of us can go to paradise).  But living through their pictures is just as good, right?  Right?!

Oh, and I’m supposed to be working on my end of term papers.  So naturally, I’m blogging instead.

Trees on the beach

The Nut Farm (insert A’s fatal nut allergy joke and/or mental illness reference)

Pina coladas!

Pineapple Plantation (orchard? farm? bush?)

On the tip of the board



Ohhhh noooo!


Multiple turtles

A palace.  Obviously not now.  But it used to be.

Waterfall.  All digitized and shizz.

A lookout.


 “Bye paradise!  Next time I’ll remember to bring my kids!  They deserve a vacation waaay more than I do!  Gotta go!  Off to Ireland.”

Spring Break, Northern Edition! by,m


We made a roast...

...and then met the cows on the farm it came from (yes,that's my tentative hand petting that calf!)...can you believe that 10 months ago I was a vegetarian?!

First bonfire of the season...Canadian style





Ice fishing on St. Patty's Day in t-shirts!