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Review: Beliebers Be Crazy, by j


He’s 17, from Stratford and one of the biggest pop stars today.  Justin Bieber has never really fascinated me.  When I would think of Justin Bieber I would conjure up images of Aaron Carter.  I thought he was a cute kid, but once the voice changes the 5 year old fans would graduate to Justin Timberlake or Katy Perry.  I truly did not get the hype – heard one song, that stupid ‘Baby’ song.  I wasn’t really aware of any other songs.  How wrong I truly was.

Wednesday afternoon I got a call from A.

A: Soooo.  You want to go see Never Say Never with me tonight at 6:30?

J: No.

A: OK.

J: (feeling guilty) Well, maybe…

A: MEET ME THERE. *click*

For those of you that don’t know, the Beibs (as the kids call him) is so famous that they made a movie out of his tour.  The film is half bio pic (what 16 year old gets a flippin’ bio pic?!) and half concert film.  I’m not really a concert film kind of person, makes me wish I was at the concert.

The film was interesting (to me anyways) since about a third of it was shot in either Stratford (the Biebs’ hometown) and London, where most of the concert moments were filmed.  There were a lot of moments that I said to myself “Hey.  I know that place.”  Pretty cool, considering this movie is the highest grossing concert film EVA.

There were some moments that made me say “aw”.  They are the following:

1.     Biebs sings “Baby” with a cutie at an acoustic session. The little girl is pretty cute.

2.    Seeing the little town of Stratford and the JLC in the film

3.     Home video of the Biebs as a toddler, he was pretty cute

4.     The concert effects were pretty massive, looks like it was a good show

5.     Boys II Men.  LOVE.

And like many things, there were lots of things that irritated me.  Here are the highlights:

1.     Home videos of the Biebs as a baby.  Some things should stay sacred, right?  He was super cute, but home videos are super private. If those are shared with the world, what do you keep private?

2.    The song “One Less Lonely Girl”.  EFF YOU BEIBER MACHINE.  The lyrics to the song were slightly offensive. Being lonely is bad. Wrong. Scary.  Don’t be alone, and if you are, couple up.  NOW.

3.     Scooter Braun, the Biebs’ manager.  Seriously?  Scooter?  Who named you?  Are you 12 years old?  You irritate me.

4.     Jayden Smith. That kid is annoying, but will only grow up to be a self-entitled jerk.  Someone please start treating him like a kid, and not a rap superstar (include the Biebs on this one).

5.     Dead beat dad.  They spoke a lot about the Beibs’ mom, being a single mom (though no mention of the teen part).  They even had the Beibs’ dad tearing up watching him perform.

6.     Screaming girls.  The big bad Beiber machine (orchestrated by adults) created this frenzy of screaming girls who are portrayed as empty headed, silly and insane.  Made me angry.

7.     The hair.

8.     Mama Jan, the vocal coach who said to the Biebs after a screaming bout lead to vocal trouble: Do you want to do this or do you want to move back to Canada?  Whoa.  Back off.

9.     Umm, Usher?  Just an FYI; the Beibs is not part of your “legacy”.  You have never achieved his level of fame.  Stop thinking you “paved the way”.  I just feel sad for you.

10.  Mama “Anti-Semite” Biebs.  After a quick Internet search I found a quote from Justin’s mom saying that she didn’t want Scooter to be Justin’s manager at first.  Why?  Because he’s Jewish.  “God, I gave him to you. You could send me a Christian man, a Christian label! … you don’t want this Jewish kid to be Justin’s man, do you?”

And finally, can someone please give this message to Justin Bieber and his “team”?


At the end of the day, the Biebs gets my sympathy.  He’s on top, and there is (truly) nowhere to go but down.  The crash may be hard; I hope he survives the inevitable.  It might be a bit less of an impact if those adults stopped with the inflation of the teenage ego, and ensured that the Beibs is grounded and present throughout the exploitation.


The video that made me choke on my own saliva this week…SNL edition, by a


As you all know, I have a newly furnished spot for Andy Samberg in my tween sized heart. This skit was part of the SNL show that aired last Saturday, with host Miley Cyrus, and I can’t get enough. I love when SNL skits address issues and opinions about pop culture that are so dead on. Such as, “Aren’t there two other guys in the Black Eyed Peas? Who the hell are they?”. Well, this video answers all that and more…

Just disregard Abby Elliot’s horrible impression of Khloe Kardashian.

Linky Love, by j


Currently I’m trying to burn out the fire in my throat and keep my nose from falling off, all while trying to get the energy to study for the dreaded stat quiz that is lurking around the corner.

My alternative?  Browse the Interwebs for my favourite spots.

Check out my current favourites for some leisurely fun on a Sunday afternoon:

I think our family could send in a few pictures to this website.  Hilarious. 

TED Talks are fast becoming one of my favourite things EVER.  Check out this TED Talk by Courtney Martin, one of the editors of a fave blog of mine.  Feminism realized…

Anyone else sick of the exploitation of Charlie Sheen?  Don’t get me wrong, I feel no sympathy for the guy- but honestly who is believing this crap that he is not using and is not in a severe state of psychosis?  Here’s a way you can get rid of Charlie Sheen all by your lonesome.

And finally, I saw this video on another blog, of a baby who hears his mama for the first time after receiving a cochlear implant.  The surgery, I know is controversial, but the video makes my little heart melt.

Ok, now back to sneezing and learning about t-tests.

I don't get this yet. But I will

Review: Christopher Plummer in Barrymore


I had the chance to see Christopher Plummer in the closing night performance of Barrymore on Wednesday night at the Elgin Theatre!

I love Christopher Plummer.  I love the way he talks, and the things he says.  I love the way he commands attention, and I love the roles he plays.

He’s also hilarious.

Here’s what he had to say about (possibly) his most famous role to date:

“The world has seen (The Sound of Music) so many times. And there’s a whole new generation every year—poor kids—that have to sit through it (laughs). But it was a very well-made movie, and it’s a family movie and we haven’t seen a family movie, I don’t think, on that scale for ages. I don’t mind that. It just happened to be not my particular cup of tea.”

Seriously. That movie is really long.

On being nominated for an Oscar in 2011:

“Well, I said it’s about time! I mean, I’m 80 years old for God’s sake. Have mercy.”

On being old:

“There’s not that many old actors.  They all died.  I’m one of the last men standing! I think there’s maybe four of us.  I hope the other b……s die first”.

von trapp

The performance on Wednesday night was great.  Before the show began, we (the audience) was asked to be a part of a scene that was being filmed for a movie on John Barrymore.  We happily obliged and chit chatted the way an audience would in anticipation for a performance while they filmed.

According to my sources, it turns out that John Barrymore is Drew Barrymore’s grandfather.  She’s my fave.  It also turns out that substance abuse runs in the Barrymore family (sad face).

When the show began,  I quickly realized that it’s basically a one man show.  Plummer’s costar is offstage for the entire performance, using only his voice to portray a man helping Barrymore to learn his lines as he prepares to play Richard III. Plummer gave an incredible performance.  He made me laugh out loud, a lot, and made us feel like we were the only people in the theatre (despite the Elgin’s 1500 seats).


There was one downside to the entire night, and it had nothing to do with the show, and everything to do with cell phones.  From what I understand, much of the audience (including me) was there for free, on account of the Elgin wanting to fill seats for the film shoot.  So…maybe many of the audience members were not regular theatre-goers, and weren’t aware of cell phone etiquette.  Or maybe they didn’t hear the announcement telling them to turn off their phones.  Or maybe they’re normally annoying, and decided to share that side of themselves with Chris and I that night.

Whatever the reason, I heard half a dozen phones go off throughout the show.  When the show ended, we commented on the fact that the second act was incredibly short.  This led me to start a rumour after the standing ovation that Plummer probably cut the performance short because he was annoyed by the cell phones that kept going off.

So I have, of course, scoured the internet trying to see if my rumour caught on.  I don’t think it did, but I’m shocked by what I’ve found written in the Globe and Mail’s review, dated January 31, 2011:

“Unlike Barrymore at 60 […] Plummer at 81 is at the top of his game, coming off stage successes at Stratford and with as high a film profile as he’s had since The Sound of Music. I was particularly impressed by his concentration and focus here – unwavering even as a succession of cellphones went off in the audience and a truck reversed just outside the theatre doors, underscoring a side of Hamlet with an insistent uniambic beeping.”

Obviously his performance was great. I sing his praises harmoniously with the Globe and Mail.  But I can’t believe that it’s become normal–nay, expected–for such a legendary actor to have to compete with the ring of half a dozen iphones.  For shame, Canada.  For shame.

To end on a lighter note, despite my anger, I leave you with this:

Star Trek, 1991: such RANGE!

Review: The Rebel House


Earlier in the week Dad and I travelled to The Big Smoke for the afternoon.  His fancy watch was ready for pick up and I had the day off.  We picked up the watch, bought some smelly stuff at Lush and had a terrifying 25 minutes where I (yes, I will admit it was me) lost Dad’s iPhone and found it again thanks to a good samaritan.

From here we got in the car at The Eaton Centre and drove to M’s school to pick her up…what should have been a 10 minute drive was closer to 30.  Thanks, rush hour.

After picking up M she took us to a Canadian pub for dinner.  I enjoyed it.

It’s called “The Rebel House” and it’s on Yonge St., just North of the Rosedale subway station.  Yes, because of it’s location I would dare say it’s a pub for the yuppies of Rosedale, but I didn’t mind. They seemed to have a great selection of beer, however I did not try.  Which earned me a “wuss” from Dad.

We were seated next to a group of young chefs who were doing what young chefs do best; talk shit about other chefs’ fare. Apparently another’s leg of lamb was “ok” and their perogies would have been better if “they didn’t call them perogies”. Jesus. And as one guy couldn’t stop himself, he stopped by our table and recommended the cheese pennies. Apparently they were so good he stole to recipe when he opened his own restaurant. Ohh. Aren’t you fancy.

We were told that the poutine was pretty good and instead of using fries, they use homemade potato chips.  And it seemed like the majority (or even all?) of the menu was made in house, no bringing in outside food and selling it.  They did boast on their menu that their desserts are made right there at the pub, this makes me want to go back and try their dessert.  I’m not much of a dessert at a restaurant kind of person (saufe creme brulee) because it’s usually a big disappointment.  This Monday they had a coconut cheesecake featured.

We shared a plate of poutine to start, and then I followed it by their famous mac ‘n’ cheese with salad.  Check out the video and pictures before. 

M let us know that The Rebel House has a great patio that is shaded by a parachute…perhaps a Weyward Sisters visit needs to happen this summer???

4 stars (out of a possible 5). 

Maybe then I’ll try one of their many beers.

The Rebel House Poutine...cheesy, maybe too much gravy

Old Macki Is Back with corn bread and salad...yummy vingarette and not too cheesy, but with some bite

Amanda Lew Kee


Happy birthday A!!!!

Just got our tickets for Fashion Week!!!

(I’m taking little A to Toronto Fashion Week as a belated birthday present).

So, I decided to go for one of the shows that is closing fashion week: Amanda Lew Kee.

From the sounds of it, she’s about to be the next big thing, so why not check out her show while we still can?!  Having graduated from Ryerson less than a year ago, Amanda showed at the October Fashion Week, making her the first Ryerson grad to show at fashion week so quickly after grad.  She’s already had a spread in Flare magazine, too.

Her work so far shows a very wide bench: black leather and spikes (very Gaga) for Fall 2010; pale cotton and flowy dresses for Spring 2011.

Can’t wait to see what she’ll show for Fall/Winter 2011 on April 1st!

P.S.  Any suggestions for places to dine before the show?  I’m thinking A will like the Keg…

f/w 2010

ALK f/w 2010

amanda lew kee

alk s/s 2011

alk s/s 2011

Dear Life…by a


So at Western, our lovely student paper, The Gazette, has a section called “dear life”, where students can anonymously address issues  that plague us everyday. Here are some of my favs…

Dear Life,

Why do people raise their pen in class instead of their hand? Unless you have no arm to raise, you look like a douchebag.

Dear Life,

We work so hard to get into university, and once were in we work so hard just to get out. Irony? I think so.

Dear Life,
Why come to the library’s silent study zone and have your earphones going at full volume while on Facebook and YouTube. There are other places on campus for that.

By the way, take a shower.

Dear Life,

See you after exams. *cries*