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Reading Week, by j


So there has been some reading this week.  Along with some good work.

But let’s be honest.  There has been some slacking.  Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Making these brownies:


They weren’t quite this bright.  But they were pretty tasty.

I watched a documentary on YouTube, “The Most Hated Family In America” about the Westboro Baptist people.  Their insanity is oddly fascinating.  The film maker was interesting, and the kids break your heart.  Apparently it is family belief that we are fast approaching “end times”.  So, the young women and men are discouraged from thinking about love/marriage because they’re all hoping on a spaceship to their home planet (or is that another cult?).  Anyways, it’s pretty sad to see the young women near tears about their inability to do what they truly want because their crackpot of a grandfather thinks the locust are coming.  Makes me grateful for my grandfather.  Who does things like this:


I’m so grateful for my family.

Last weekend we went to visit some very special people.  More importantly we ate together.  And we got to go to The Stone Road Grille.  Or is it call “Rest”.  Confusing.  It also lives in a crappy little strip mall (next to a Subway).  The food, however was amazing.

ploughmans lunchI had pate.  I’m eating offal like nobody’s business these days.  And it has inspired by mother to try her hand at making mustard.  MUSTARD.

steakLittle A decided not to come because of some silly class project.  So I made sure to have her favourite.  Steak frites.

And then…this:

bacon ice creamI don’t generally go for dessert…but my aunt is a good influence on me.  This is sticky toffee pudding.  We decided it was probably just a warm muffin.  BUT it came with ice cream.  Maple BACON ice cream.  Heaven.

After filling up we went for a drive in the big black truck to find a winery.  When we got there I looked down at the directions I had been giving my father.  Right next to the address it said “not open to the public”.  Oops.  But we did stop at an artisan cheese shop.  We left quickly after the retirement facility’s big bus pulled up.  They were not the nicest women to be around in the tiny shop.  However, who could blame them.  I’m guessing that breaking out is not something that happens a lot.  Before we left the parents bought some cheese and I got a picture of a room I’m pretty sure M would like to live in:


Yes, that’s a cheese room.

I have also made a discovery- the game “Settlers of Catan”.  Half Risk, half Monopoly.  It’s as long as a game of Monopoly and as boring as Risk.


I was not good at playing it at all.

Finally, a feminist rant?

Can someone explain this to me?


Pads for women who are size 14+ are 12 for $7.  Pads for regular sized women (size 12 and down?) are 28 for $9.

Can we do the math?  It might makes some uncomfortable to read…but it must be said.  My vagina is not twice as large.  I should not have to spend twice the price.

Ah yes.  Another reminder of where people’s value lies.

And I’m not even going to touch that we have to pay taxes on on this stuff.  Or that it’s called “feminine hygiene”.  STOP GENDERING MY ANATOMY.  THERE IS NOTHING UNHYGIENIC ABOUT MENSTRUATION.

One more thing…read this article if you want to know anything about the reality of Chris Brown and Rhianna getting back together.  Let’s stop blaming Rhianna.  I’m surprised because this is generally what we do to any woman who returns to an abusive partner.

And finally…I’ve seen this video being posted by soooo many people.  I generally don’t hop on the bandwagon.  I didn’t watch it right away.  And then I did check it out.  And it was amazing.

I have a secret dream of becoming a slam poet.  Mom- watch this!  I think you should share this:


And now for funny pope pictures (sorry in advance Grams):

garage sale

christian mingle

And I’m not even going to touch this Pistorius thing until I can think straight again.  Effing ridiculous.

Can anyone explain to me how he believed an intruder had locked themselves in his bathroom?  In his gated community?  Would you not first check for your sleeping girlfriend who you think is sleeping next to you?


Happy Galentine’s Day! by j


It’s February 13th.  This marks a few different things.

First, it’s GALENTINE’S DAY!  The day before Valentine’s Day that celebrate the gals in your life.  It comes from the brilliant mind of Amy Poehler (aka Leslie Knope).  It’s just nice.


And tomorrow is the real thing: Valentine’s Day.  Contrary to popular belief- I don’t hate the holiday.  Having a day to tell people that you love them is nice.  However I will say that you shouldn’t need a day to do that.

Also, while we’re on the topic: CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT IT’S KINDNESS WEEK? What the hell kind of week is that?  A week about kindness kills my sense of right and wrong.  Also, I hate how awesome we all feel about having a “Kindness Week”.  If I see one more post of FB about it I may scream.  And if one more person asks for a congratulations about their “good deed” I may weep for humanity.

This month marks about two and a half years of me working Saturdays (except for that brief, wonderful six weeks in the summer).  I hate working Saturdays.  It makes me all kinds of sad that I can’t make weekend plans, visit St. Jacob’s Market now that I have a friend in the Kdubs area, drink excessively at Friday night book club (ok, I might still do this sometimes but this makes Saturdays sometimes hard for me), and sleep (which I think is important and sleeping in on Sundays is just not the same).

Did we watch Beyonce cause the Superbowl to blow out the lights?  Yeah.  It was pretty awesome.  And then I went online and saw a really disturbing conversation about “modesty”.  Apparently despite the killer dance moves and all female band and dancers, folks like to point out that she was wearing short shorts and acting like a tramp.  Let’s get it straight.  Your body is your own.  It can’t turn other people into walking, talking hormones.  Get it under control and stop blaming women for being objectified.

I’m taking a class in the Indigenous Studies stream at school.  I like it.  Except that every class starts with a smudge with sage (all the way from Fort Frances).  It’s not a bad way to start a class, except that the smoke inevitable ends with me having a coughing fit about 90 minutes into class.  Obviously this happens at the moment someone is having a profound moment.  And I sit there trying not to explode.  Awesome.

Speaking of class…six weeks to go until I’M DONE MY MASTERS OF SOCIAL WORK.

I can’t even deal with this.  Mostly because I have a crap load of work to do before getting to the end.  But that has not stopped me from starting my job searching.  OMG.

The work is piling up.  And piling out.  It’s a wide, tall pile of work.  Did I mention it’s all group work?

Time to get down to business.