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The Last Mile, by j


We’re getting ready to leave on a jet plane (get those margaritas ready!), but before we do- I saw these amazing videos.

Happy Friday!

A 15 year old boy’s poem. What the what?!

Attacking the Word “Gay”

This makes me want to watch “The Newsroom”.

Want to know what “mansplaining” is? You’ve already experienced. Like all the time.

Remember that irritating gossip reporter on ETalk, Lainey? Well, it turns out she gave a Ted Talk and it WAS ACTUALLY INTERESTING. She talks about fidelity, women, slut shaming, perceived homosexuality, masculinity and the phenomenon of mommyhood.


Happy Quarter of a Century A! by j


Can you believe it?  The littlest sister is officially in her mid twenties, and the day after tomorrow she will be closer to 30 than 20.  *tear*

Every year I get more and more impressed with her.  She is developing into not only a great sister but someone I would actually want to hang out with, even if we didn’t share DNA.

And that’s saying a lot, considering she’s a bit strange.  But she’s mostly awesome.

She knows some shady professional advice when she hears it:

pencil skirt

She is also fiercely loyal to her friends.  And has  the greatest zingers.

She also calls people out on their shit.  And has the greatest theory of all time.  I suggest you don’t ignore her texts.  She’s hip to your game.


She loves crappy reality TV just as much as I do.  Or if she thinks I’m crazy she’ll still be nice to me.  Her love of The Bachelor makes me laugh.  Especially because she watches it ironically (right?) and afterwards instead of her being lovey dovey she’s all:

She and I have been sharing a basement for almost three years.  It’s crazy to think that’s coming to an end soon!


She be really beautiful inside and out.  But doesn’t dwell on it.

She is also one of the best people to work with.

And she’s literally the easiest person to get along with.  Except when she’s hungry.  Then she’s all:

And when you eventually find a Wendy’s that open she’s all:

But if she is hungry I bet I know what she would go for first:


Oh, I also suggest you never wake her up.  She’s all:

She’s also a great book club member.  I may not *always* read the book but she always does, or at least makes a concerted effort.  And she’s always pretty blunt about what she reads:

One of the most amazing things about her is that she has an amazing ability to preserve herself.  If she doesn’t like someone she’s all:

Even if she thinks this she never says this.  And her day will go by with lots of celebration but no big fanfare.

So, in summation, my final plea:


Happy birthday, sister!  Can’t wait to celebrate in Florida!!!