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Fresh Start! by, m


Just had my first work-free weekend of the school year, and it was awesome! I have a few updates to share…

First, my friend Meg, a nutrition expert and a foodie with great taste, has a sweet blog up and running at

Next, I’m blogging this week for Shakespeare in Action at , so drop by if you get a chance!

I’m a member of the board of directors for a theatre company called Cahoots here in Toronto. Our upcoming show, called Sia, is in the works. It is set in a Liberian refugee camp in Ghana. This week, the playwright and our general manager are traveling to Liberia to get the wheels in motion to build a new home for the Liberian Dance Troupe. The troupe, whose members range in age from 5 to 18-year-old, are an incredible group of artists. You can read more about it here:   And you can bet that I’ll be asking each and every one of you to come see the show in the new year.



October Update, by j


Amen, M.  Shit is indeed getting real.

Perhaps time for a quick run down of what’s been going on in the life of the eldest Weyward Sister?

Hold onto your hats, it’s been a crazy one.

1.  School.  It’s the most obvious one of all.  We’re getting to the half way mark of the semester and feeling the push for all the assignments.  Which is why I’m writing a blog post instead of writing my human development project.

2. I had a (semi) meltdown in class on Thursday.  I’ve recovered with the assistance of copious amounts of wine.

3. Thanks-taking happened!  It was banging (meaning lots of turkey and baked goods).  I made the desserts including these winners:

Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Buttercream

Ginger Ale, Apple Cider and Bourbon (2:2:1)

4. Grams has moved onto the cane.  Watch out, she swings it around like Thor with the axe.

Grams with her cane

5. Dad and I have started watching a new series (since he’s ruined our “Bones” watching by calling Emily Deschanel a “trampy slut/harlot/etc.” one too many times).  It’s called “Sherlock” and is a re-boot of the original detective set in modern day.  It is the shit.

Enjoy this clip of when Sherlock meets Watson for the first time.  My opinion, I enjoy this Sherlock way more than Robert Downey, Jr.

6.  We watched the documentary “Miss Representation”.  Pretty awesome, and helped with the shitatious day that was Thursday.

7. I just had a friend day.  It was awesome.

The Triangle of Grad School

October is kicking our asses! by, m


We are neglectful.
Shit got crazy…work work work to the point where I turned down a Fashion Week invite because it’s on my only night off. And that’s when I realized, “What am I DOING?”. I love fashion week! This year isn’t supposed to be about sacrificing the things I love, it’s about making room in my life for them.
So, I quit my part-time job, which (while it helped me pay some bills) I realized was basically a fund for useless things like $8 mediocre Starbucks drinks and, somewhat ironically, cabs to take me from one job to another when I’m running late.
Non-useless things I spent my extra income on this month: a fifty dollar ticket (half price, woo!) to see Paul Gross and Kim Cattrall in Mivish’s pre-broadway run of “Private Lives”, and then consequently, $35 on for the entire four seasons of Due South, starring Paul Gross.

My favourite part (other than Paul Gross) was costumes!

Due South, circa 1994

so i went overboard google imaging...whatevs

…I guess this post got off track…

So next for me is report card writing, living frugally, and enjoying free time again.  Hooray!

#13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure, by j


You know this was coming.

No, it’s not a Ke$ha song, I believe if it’s a guilty pleasure you have to be somewhat embarrassed for loving it.

And I’m not embarrassed for my love of Ke$ha.

For this selection I will go to a wildly popular show (Glee) for their rendition of a really old song, sung by a much older artist.

I’ve heard the original, but I’m convinced that the belting version by Lea Michelle is the best.

After you listen to this song, please then close your eyes and imagine me belting it out on the Wii karaoke.

And know that I know all the words to this song.  All of them.  As (according to my iTunes counter) I’ve listened to this song about 150 times.


“Don’t Rain On My Parade”

Lea Michelle (original by Barbra Streisand)