Random, by j


Hi.  It’s me.  J.  It’s been awhile (even longer since you’ve heard from little A).  What’s happening you ask?

Just a bunch of random crap.  Let’s get you caught up.

1. Our parents just abandoned us for March Break.  Note to self: really, really, really think about becoming a tenured professor.  Then I will be able to search for conferences in the South Pacific so that I can trick everyone into thinking I’m working while I enjoy a vacation in Maui.

Beware of spitting lava.

2. M abandoned us for this godforsaken place.  SW Ontario or Northern Ontario?  Hmmm.  Our appeal is waning.  However I think that FFD might be more of an appeal than just FF.

3. Our grandparents are on their first real vacation since Grams kicked cancer’s ass and then re-generated her femur.  They’re on a cruise.  We’ve been anxiously watching CNN to make sure this isn’t happening again.

Or this.

4. I saw first hand some shady working of the social variety.

5. I just watched “Auntie Mame” with a friend this weekend.  Ummm…it was awesome.  She owed me a good old movie experience since I introduced her to “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”.  The racist Asian butler almost sent me over the edge.  Until I was reminded not to get too haughty…SBFSB is the movie with the famous “…secretly they were overjoyed!” line.

6. I heard a rumour that Ryan Gosling is in town this weekend.  Whaaa?

7. We had an extravaganza of a birthday weekend in Detroit for A.  It included an NHL hockey game where we were surrounded by about 20 Scout packs.  What does this mean?  It means that for the entire second period the child behind me was kicking my seat and screaming for cotton candy.  Prior to this we visited a “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” restaurant and ate some delicious salted caramel ice cream.

8.  Day Two in Detroit was kind of a crazy mash up.  First a tour of the Rouge Plant at Ford…we saw all kinds of pick up trucks being built.  It was very “Born in the USA”.  Follow that up with some kick ass BBQ.

9.  We ended our time in Detroit with a visit to the Detroit Institute of Art where we got to see this amazing mural:

10.  A then shopped so fast it was insane at Kohl’s.  Seriously.  She had 30 minutes and emerged with an armful of Lauren Conrad.  Well done, A.  Well done.


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