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Day Seven: Our Handbags



jessie 7

“Not to brag, but I do carry two bags.  On the left, a raspberry work tote from Dooney and Bourke.  The right hand side, my Kate Spade bag.  The Kate Spade bag is what I carry my lunch in.  Seriously.”


maggie 7

“Tano for Barneys- got it in Florida in March. I’ll take a black leather handbag over any other.”


annie 7

“Old Navy circa 5 years ago.  I still get compliments on it!”


Help!!! (by, m)


I’ve recently found a bag that I want/need (you know how it is). I went to visit it at the store today–as I so often do with items that I’m saving for–and I realized that it comes in more colours than I thought. So…here’s the bag:




Shall we try our first poll here at Weyward Sisters?? I think so!!

I wear a lot of black, but keep in mind that the black one looked a little lint-prone in the store today.

And while we’re at it…I’m also coveting this hat from Club Monaco: