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Day Two: The Lunch We Ate




“Quinoa! Starting to make a big quinoa salad on Sunday nights for lunches- quinoa, red pepper, red onion, celery, chickpeas, dried cranberries, chicken (for extra protein). And almonds. Sorry A.”



“Chicken spinach wrap, banana and strawberries, vanilla yogurt, pb oatmeal cookies. I like to hit up all those food groups.”



“Snack pak: choice of champions. Also, half a sandwich saves on bread.”


Magic in our mouths, by j


You may remember me talking about my and A’s morning commute.

Well, since then we learned a new skill called “changing the radio station”. And today, it paid off.

Yesterday we were listening to a station interviewing two young and very interesting kids who are doing some cheesy goodness in the downtown core.

They’re two Fanshawe College grads, one from the food and beverage program, the other from the business program. Together they decided to give Londoners some lunchtime (and after bar time) cheesy goodness.

They created a downtown food stall where they make grilled cheeses that make your mouth water. The call it OSMAP Grilled Cheeserie (Operation Super Massive Awesome Plan). I call it a great idea.

With A being the grilled cheese connoisseur, we decided that we needed to check it out for lunch.

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese with bacon with a side of magic tricks?


The menu! The classic can be accompanied by bacon. Obviously. And they have a feature. Today? A grilled cheese with cheddar, cream cheese and jalapeƱos. Other add ones are available.


The grilled cheese sandwiches are sold with cold drinks for $1. And yes, there is a hand washing station (don’t worry Grams).


A and I both opted for the classic grilled cheese with cheddar and bacon ($5). And it was delicious.

One guy grills while the other keeps the crowd entertained with magic tricks. MAGIC TRICKS.


All in all I think we both decided that we would be repeat customers. Supporting two nice kids who are ambitious and brave enough to start their own business in downtown London. And they make a mean grilled cheese.


(Sadly, there is no Strongbows to go with your grilled cheese. Such a tease!)

The grilling takes place 11am-2pm Monday – Friday at Dundas Street and Talbot Street, and down on Richmond Row for the late night crowd.