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2013, by j


As it’s been 2013 for three weeks, it’s time to take a look back on the first few weeks of the year.

How did you wake up on January 1st, 2013?  With a hangover?  Did you watch the first sunrise of 2013? Did you get a sweet sleep in because of the holiday?

Well, then lucky you.  Because this was what I woke up to:

















M decided to make a pizza for breakfast.  So I got to wake up to the smell of the house burning down.

January 2013 also is the beginning of the end- of school for me.  One last term and I will be finished my Masters of Social Work.


June 7th.  The end it in sight.  I was all:

And then I searched around and saw this:


And when I told my total tuition to my mother she then told be add in about $70,000 for the two years of lost wages.

$18,668.28 + $70,000 = $88,668.28

And then I was all:

And then I got ridiculously nostalgic and proud of myself when I found the list I made in my old apartment about how to get my life in order:


















What else has been going on?  I am loving “Bow Grip” by Ivan E. Coyote, and I love this quote:

















This month’s book club will be featuring this book, lots of wine and food and the two newest additions to BC.  I’m thinking about getting this wine (that I saw on a LCBO jaunt with dad last week).

















And January sees the start of Londonlicious.  I went out last night with some lovely friends to Avenue.  The only crappy thing about Londonlicious is that if you’re spending money of the cheap menu you’re service is a little slower.  Slow like sitting down at 7:30pm and getting your starter at 9pm.

However, if you are waiting this long (with lovely company) this is how you act when you see your food coming.

But it was a damn good starter:

chicken livers
















I tried chicken livers for the first time.   Mmmm.

















A dark pic of the pork tenderloin with quinoa.

And then…

creme brulee
















Creme brulee.  On the J scale of Creme Brulee it ranks high.  This was near perfection.  Yup…it ties Le Papillon.  8/10.

This weekend also marks the third draft of the chapter I’m writing with a friend…slightly terrifying.









Ridiculous.  And the most  exciting development of 2013?  M’s previous post mentioned…we’re going to Florida.  We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to make it work.  A and I only have Reading Week in February, and flights during March Break…are you kidding me?

But then…it came together.  Flights were booked, at a ridiculously cheap price.  And A decided to go for it…she’s returning to Florida, after 20 years.  I haven’t seen her this excited…since Christmastime.

She was all:

And then she found out that a ticket to Disney World is about five dollars short of $100.

The sisters have also decided to get a tattoo.  If A had her way we might be getting these sleeves:

Just no.  No.

Just no. No.

















But, there is only one theme park that I am entertaining visiting.

Oh yes.  Harry Potter World.  I assume it will be incredibly busy.  So I will get all Snape on their rear ends: