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Day Ten: Nature




“The renovations at the house start today. And with that we see our old green toilet thrown into a trailer outside.”



“Walking by the river this morning.”



“Nature shot: Flowers on my back patio.”


I live in the country now… by, m


You know that small town I moved to?  Well, I have a confession to make. I actually moved to a hamlet, 10kms north west of said town.  To a land of dirt roads, farm animals and tractors. A mystery neighbour keeps posting this sign, which quickly gets taken down, presumably by the reeve (hamlet speak for a mayor), only to be re-posted days later in a new spot:

I bake now. I made cookies last week, biscuits yesterday, and muffins today. Sometimes (a lot of times), I burn things. I like to think it’s because I didn’t have an oven in my mini apartment in the big city…


I also hang my clothes to dry outside.  There are frogs in my backyard, and we have a cluster fly problem.  Next, I want to make a garden. But first, I have to disinfect the kitchen for any nuts (there are walnuts in those muffins), because little A is coming to visit in two weeks!! Hurrah! I know it’ll be easy to make a country girl out of her, since she already loves the music so much! Can’t waiiiiit.