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Day Nine: What We’re Listening To



jessie 9

“Second thing I do after I get to work, start listening to CBC radio.  The morning line up is usually not so bad- but I do have my guilty pleasure…I kind of adore the gardener they have on the “Ontario Today” show every week.  I’m not a gardener, but he captures my attention every time with his cray-cray knowledge of every shrub, flower and seed.”


maggie 9

“New City and Colour album.”

Text 2 minutes later:

“Now I’m bored.”


annie 9

“Christian Louboutin addressing the crowd at the opening party for his exhibit!  Short and sweet.  Apparently the French ‘don’t make speeches’.”


F Words: Part Three & Ivan Coyote, by j


Part three of our weekend happened when we were done with our Saturday morning brunch and found the women folk doing my favourite thing: shopping.

Imagine going to the biggest city in the country and deciding that the first weekend of holiday shopping is a good time to go to Holt Renfrew.

Apparently there was a need for pantyhose.

Surprisingly enough, between the shoulder to shoulder, dog carrying, fancy shoppers I did get to see some stuff that looked half way interesting.


We found Jackson’s first puppy Xmas gift. We may need a larger size.


Then we checked out A’s favourite department: shoes.


$945.00 for a pair of black high heels? Seems reasonable. This is the moment where I remind people that $945 is two months worth of social assistance in our province. Yeah.

Then it was off to mom’s favourite store, William Ashley. I thought that the parents agreed that this weekend they would avoid the china store.


Mom got a killer deal (according to her) on a soup pot. That was after she took a pass on the $600 pot Gramma suggested she buy. Fancy woman!

After all of that shopping, it was clear: time to resume eating and drinking. A great meal was ended by some of this:


Eggnog cheesecake with pumpkin ice cream.

This was followed by more drinking and watching Brad Pitt’s excruciatingly bad interpretation of Achilles.


To top it all off, I then received one of the most exciting emails of my entire life. If you don’t know Ivan Coyote, shame on you. Google that shit.


To which I was like:


And then I got my final fee bill for my MSW.