The best things to put in your mouth, by j


As our second week of vacation draws to an end it’s time for me to dump all the photos I took while I was Christmas baking. I went a little nuts.

First up? Cookies and biscotti.


I’ve memorized this recipe when I was about 11 years old. Do not try and substitute the margarine for butter. This recipe requires the chemicals of the margarine.

Then I started on the fruitcake biscotti.


What really made it this was the booze.


It calls for a few tablespoons of Grand Marnier. But that was no where near enough. I dumped a whole bunch in there.

And voila:


The trick is to under cook the cookies. I HATE crunchy cookies.

Then I wanted to try my hand at truffle making, so I made two.

First with these:


Then with these:


And then they turned out like this:


And this:


Sidenote: would not recommend the peppermint chards. Even after about 15 minutes the peppermint candy got a weird texture. I rolled the rest in cocoa. The lemon ones just kind of made weird blobs.

And then the most important candy making: the crack (aka peanut butter cups).

Let’s start with this stuff (also go to your gramma’s because A is deadly allergic to nuts. She ruins everything).


Oh yes. That’s some fleur de sel. I didn’t use a recipe- just my own brand of awesomeness.

Melt your chocolate (I used semi sweet for the tiny cups and milk for the big ones). And paint some muffin liners. Most recipes I found said that you should use a pastry brush. I just used a spoon.


The do the first freeze.

Ta da.



Then mix some peanut butter and icing sugar and put a layer in the frozen cups. Put that in the freezer for another 20 minutes.



Then pick your second filling. Because if your making these you may as well go full out. I chose strawberry jelly for half, dulce de leche for the other half. Freeze that too.



Then put a final layer of chocolate on top, and sprinkle with some fleur de sel. And freeze one. Last. Time.

Package them up, give them away.

Be warned, they might send you into a sugar induced coma. But they are awesome. They are also huge. So share them. Or don’t. No judgement.




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