While you were gone, j


As some might know, our parents have abandoned us for the better part of three weeks.

While they’re jet setting across the ocean and the country (twice), they left A and I to our own devices.

So what have we been up to?

– I have been (finally) reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I’m currently reading “Catching Fire”. OH MY GODDESS IT IS SO GOOD!

– I presented at a conference in Kitchener, informally call “Congress”. However I like to call it by the name it used to have: The Learneds. Awesome. I was presenting with some co-learners and my prof about a class I took last term in the Inside Out program. Basically it was about 30 minutes of me talking about how much the class was super transformative. It included me baring my soul in the request way possible. Yes, I was sharing my feelings. In public. For free.

– I went to another conference this week on newcomer family resiliency. I could by much gets used to this whole conference thing. Now I know why my mom goes to all these conferences around the world.

– I’m slightly obsessed with this show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”. And by obsessed I mean horrified.

– Has anyone heard about this new drug on the streets, bath salts? It sounds terrifying, I’ve started to have nightmares already about rampant cannibalism.

– Did we all hear about the shooting at the Eaton Centre this weekend? I had a mini heart attack. And started texting/calling my sisters in TO. Message to A: ANSWER YOUR G-D PHONE WHEN YOUR SISTER IS TRYING TO CONFIRM THAT YOU DIDN’T GET SHOT IN THE FOOD COURT.

– The Queen’s Diamond Jubliee is happening and I think this is the most ridiculous thing ever to celebrate a perpetually unemployed octogenarian. What exactly are we celebrating? What has she done that is so unique? I’m watching the footage on the news. Here’s what I have deduced from watching the brief celebration:
1. Pretty sure that everyone interviewed believes that the Queen is “an inspiration”
2. No one shares why she’s so inspirational.
3. People generally forget about the crimes of colonizing when thinking about the monarchy
4. We are literally celebrating a woman for being born into privilege
5. The is a chapter of “Monarchist League of Canada” in London. Seriously? I will now rename them “The Most Useless League of Canada”
6. Kate Middleton could attach a dirty diaper to her fascinator and the same boring people would talk about how “timeless” she is
7. I would pay good money to see that boat that went down the Thames spring a slow leak. But considering that I’ve paid enough for trips to Canada, honeymoon and ridiculous celebrations, I think I’ll try and keep the money that Is still my own

– speaking of Queenie, did we hear about her son’s recent trip to Canada? Did you like how he took the TTC when he was in TO? How he met all those great young people and spoke about charity and service? Never have I wanted to barf more. Seriously. Congrats, Chuck on having a job and doing something with your privilege.

– Those people are useless.

– Oh, and I cleaned up:




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  1. Congrats, sister!! Sounds like a very productive week 🙂
    Also…someone was telling me at a party this weekend that the zombie apocalypse has begun (lots of reports of cannibalism in the states recently, i guess?)…what does it have to do with bath salts? I did a bit of research on them for the club and party drugs book I did (to all my fans, “bath salts” are referenced in chapter five, i believe). Are zombies ingesting uppers?

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