What A Weekend, by j


Well, I did it- I turned 30 years old on Friday!

It turned out to be a rather eventful day, filled with various kinds of treats.

The most surprising was this little invention I’m typing on, my brand new iPad 3. Shock would be a good term to use to describe how I felt when I opened the massive book. Wow.

After a lovely dinner, we cowed down on this:


The famous carrot cake.

The next day was followed by these:


A’s famous lemon loaf cupcakes. Of which I did not get any at the big party. Although I heard that a friend scooped my cupcake while I wasn’t looking.

Then I got a great gift from M, it was wrapped in this:


And inside was this:


So, we’ll see how this goes.

Oh, and I flipping love my iPad.


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