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My mom called me last week and basically said, “Did you watch the latest internet sensation ruin her career on SNL over the weekend?”. I hadn’t. I like SNL, but I never see it. Let’s face it, at 11pm on a Saturday, I’m generally either blackout or snoozin. Hehe.
Since my mom has gotten better over the years at recognizing what’s trending (less LL Cool J, more Lil Wayne), the comment resonated and I ended up googling the whole thing this weekend.

Lana Del Rey...from the neck up, she's all Adele

From the neck up, she's all Adele...from the wrists down, Rihanna

Lana Del Rey’s album drops at the end of this month. She’s been uploading what she calls “video collages” to YouTube for the last few years, and eventually set them to music that she wrote and recorded.

Her SNL performances were mediocre at best (lack-luster-off-key-snooze-fest), so I guess I agree with all the smack-talkers, but the thing is…I think I might love her.

Sure, she sometimes sucks when she sings live. She knows it too, saying in a recent interview, “I think that the people who have been listening to my music for a little while know that I’m more of a writer and, like, a studio singer…you can’t expect too much from my show”.  She’s well produced. Her millionaire daddy plays a huge role in marketing her career. And her manager was the one who made the decision to ditch her hum-drum name, Lizzy Grant.

But just LISTEN to the (studio produced) music!  I’m kind of in awe. I could care less about everything else when I watch her videos.  Whether it’s the pretentious “video collages” or the recently released (and very carefully produced) video for her latest single, “Born to Die”…I can’t stop watching.  I can’t actually figure out if it’s because I like the way the music sounds, or if she’s a really clever pretty-girl-who-sings-about-sex.  Either way, I’m a little dumb-founded. AND I CAN’T STOP SINGING ALONG.

“Video Games” (and a lot of her other music, like the song “Blue Jeans”) reminds me of Johnny Cash and the word “drawl” [a perceived feature of the English language, generally indicated by longer vowel sounds]:

“Born to Die” makes me think that she wants to be a little like her fellow New Yorker, Gaga, but with more “drawl”:

SNL “whoopsie”…too much DRAWL:


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