Beauty and the Beast 3D, by a


What was the first movie that you ever saw in the theatre? For a lot of people, it’s one of those things that you always remember, like when you got your very favourite Christmas gift as a kid, or the time your sister almost killed you when she instigated your first anaphylaxis. Thanks, M.

For me, the fist movie I remember going to see in theatres was Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The year was 1991 and I was but 3 years old.

Classic VHS cover.

It scared the shit of me.

Not the whole film, obviously, as I would then spend the the next few years perpetually dressed in the canary yellow ballgown (Thanks Mom!) that Belle wears during the pivotal ballroom scene.

Nope, I’m talking about the scene in which Belle snoops around in the West Wing (gawd, you have no respect for other people’s/beast’s property) and uncovers the enchanted rose, only to be chased out by a beast with temper issues. It was loud, it was intense. I nearly crapped myself.

I actually had a little bit of anxiety walking into the theatre the second time around; I didn’t want to relive that trauma. At home is one thing, but on a big screen where you see every drawn incisor, (this time, they were 3D!) I felt 3 years old again.

But I soon forgot all of that once the film actually started. I was hit with such a wave of nostalgia that I almost wanted to leap out of my chair and start scatting along with the opening instrumentals, which were so familiar. Everything was as if I had just watched the movie yesterday, from the dialogue to the music, to the quirky attributes of the film- I even remember thinking as a child how hideously inapropriate the cleavage on Gaston’s groupies were. Ahh, memories.

The great thing about this brand new 3D re-mastering was that even though the film and it’s story was so familiar, there was so much more to look at and experience. Disney has plans to re-release several more of its classics into theatres using 3D to make it new again, including The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo (we saw a preview for the latter; that one is going to be so cool).

Even though it appears to be a blatant money grab from Disney (it roughly takes about half a year to remaster their 2D films into 3D, with a resulting $100 million dollar profit, as The Lion King raked in), I find it exciting that I can experience these films again in a big, theatrical way. I hardly ever shed tears when watching films (barring Titanic, the last minute of that movie always gets me, damn it), but I don’t know where all of these emotions came from when watching the movie. When the Beast gives Belle the library and the feelings start to show (J would like to point out, I’m sure, that this whole story is a crock and is merely a blatant example of Stockholm syndrome), or when he sees Belle come back and finds the power to fight back Gaston, or when she thinks he’s dead and professes her love for him, I was actually getting emotional. For a cartoon.

This 3D doesn’t mess around, so be warned if you never want to look like an blithering idiot next to a 5 year old’s birthday party.

Beauty and the Beast 3D was worth every penny of the $14 I spent on a ticket. You might feel the same way, should your favourite Disney princess return to the big screen.

What Disney movie you would like to see the most in 3D?



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