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Seething.  That’s how I feel right now.

When I got home tonight I heard about the scandal going on at Penn State.  If you haven’t already heard, just turn on the news.  It’s pretty disgusting and equally upsetting.

Basically, the defensive coach of Penn State was sexually abusing children.  He targeted child after child and sexually abused them (allegedly), meeting many of them through the children’s charity he helped create (a perfect way for a child predator to have an unlimited number of children).

Not only did he sexually abuse child after child, but he sexually abused them at Penn State in the football locker room.

On more than one occasion he was caught, in the act.

Let that sink in for a moment.

On more than one occasion he was caught, in the act.  Once by a grad student, once by a janitor.

When the grad student saw the incident, he told Head Coach Joe Paterno.  Paterno decided to share this with administration, but it is alleged that Joe “down played” the seriousness of the act that was caught.  Instead of telling the administration that Sandusky was raping a child, it was more along the lines of “there was some sexual touching”.

Are you fucking kidding me?

And Joe made the decision not to contact officials.

Sandusky’s punishment?  His keys to the locker room were taken away and he was “banned” from bringing children in the locker room.

What the fuck?

This is truly horrifying.  Beyond this, Joe did not alert police.  This happened nine years ago.  Sandusky was able to victimize children for nine more years.

Finally, the state has arrested Sandusky, along with two Penn State administrators.  Sandusky has been arrested on 40 (FORTY) counts of sexual abuse.  Forty.

Fast forward to tonight.  Paterno is fired by the board of trustees.  And, mayhem ensues.  The reaction by students (and by some media in the press conference) is disgusting.

Right after the notice that Joe was fired, a swarm of students came out in support of Paterno and extremely displeased with the dismissal.

Let’s get one thing straight, Penn State Students:

Joe’s silence let a predator continue to hurt and victimize children IN YOUR UNIVERSITY.  Joe’s inaction allowed Sandusky to get away with hurting children.  Joe’s ridiculous actions are the reason why he is being dismissed.  Joe Paterno forced the hand of the board.  He could have stepped down,  but instead (I’m assuming) thought that he was hot shit enough that he could stay through the season.  Newsflash Joe: I don’t care if you’ve been there for 40+ years.  You hid a pedophile.  All bets are off.  Why would you want Joe to stick around?

This whole thing is phenomenally disgusting and troubling.  How many kids were hurt because university officials turned a blind eye?

How many lives did Sandusky change and hurt because there were a few select people who decided that it wasn’t worth it to call police?

It’s so sickening on its own, it just gets worse to hear people defend those who enable abusive predators.

Please remember: Silence is not neutral.

FYI Penn State:

I would refrain from giving severance packages to the president and Paterno- I think you’ll need every dollar for those lawsuits that are surely coming up.


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  1. Right on Jess! I’m more than a little disturbed that the grad student (and janitor too?) chose not to a) physically intervene during the assault(s) they witnessed and b) reported it to the coach, and not to the police, child welfare agents etc. I understand that they were not in positions of power and may have felt their incomes and futures (bets on Saturday’s game etc.) threatened by doing the right thing. But holy moley, if you think reporting the abuse (you actually physically witnessed) to a “higher up” who has a vested interest in the status quo, counts as taking care of it, your bar is set pretty darn low. This is a long Dickensian trainwreck of moral wickedness and turpitude. Top to bottom foul. And it once again reminds you of what we really think of children.

  2. This is a really horrible story. I just can’t believe the students would support Paterno. And way before that, much more importantly, I can’t believe police were not immediately called. This is a very serious crime which is painful physically and mentally to young children. Please people, you’ve got to care!!!

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