First World Problem – Solved…We’ve Selected a Destination! by j


For those of you who have been in the know (i.e. those close enough to us that we feel safe to complain about this) the Weyward Sisters have been conflicted for a couple of months now.

A few weeks ago the five of us were sitting around the dinner table (a rare occurance these days) and our parents proposed something that baffled us.

They told us that they had decided that we did not need anymore crap for Christmas, and instead offered a choice for the holiday season:

1. We will send you three sisters on a vacation together.


2. We will buy you each an iPad.

You would have thought they asked us to sever a limb.

We knew right away that we would be taking the trip option.  Luckily the 3 Weyward Sisters know that you can buy anything with credit card, but a vacation is harder to come by.

What we had trouble with was the destination.  Here is what each of us wanted/did not want for this excursion:

M – Somewhere hot, drinks would be a flowin’, no snow

A – Somewhere cold, cozy, preferable Banff, Alberta, no beaches

J – Somewhere I haven’t been yet (except Vegas, I will always say yes to Vegas), absolutely no all inclusive resorts (for political/environmental reasons)

So.  You can imagine our dilemma.

(Insert whiny tone of voice) It was just too hard to decide!

Finally we had to make a decision (again, you would have thought this was a painful decision, instead of an exciting one).  Not many folks have this kind of problem.  Usually people have to worry about paying bills, or taking care of tiny human beings.

But, in all fairness, we are three very different women.  If we did not choose carefully one of us would be feeling irritated.  And if there is one thing that I hate it is being irritated away from home (I’m usually irritated at home, so that doesn’t really bother me).

This week M saw a seat sale on the Porter website, so we went looking.  We didn’t find a flight, but we found a location.  M and I hatched a plan with our mama, and decided to ambush A when she returned from soccer sweaty and tired.

Once she returned from her game,  I pounced and would not let her shower until we made a decision…which I think was why she was not so excited when M and I proposed the idea…

Where are we going?


Yes!  Watch out Big Apple!  These three sisters will be invading your town between Xmas and New Years to take in a Broadway show, shop and irritate M with how tourist-y we can be (it will offend her TO hipster ways, it will be delightful!)!

In character I have started to plan our three day escape to NYC…no doubt this will cause much hilarity with my sister who likes the spontaneity in her life.

Any attractions you think we should hit up while we’re there?


About weywardsisters

The Three Weyward Sisters first appeared in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. It turns out we have more in common with these “weird” sisters than we thought. In the Shakespeare play the sisters represent darkness, chaos and conflict. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of us represents each. They also usually show up to mark impending doom. Well, we certainly hope that our presence on this little corner of the Interwebs doesn’t mean impending doom for anyone. However, we find our commonalities with the witches in other ways. To be weyward means to be willful, disobedient and to turn away from what is “right or proper”. Those who know us would whole heartedly agree – we are three weyward sisters. We are three headstrong, stubborn (some more than others), obstinate and willful sisters. Read at your own risk.

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