fallllll, by m


It’s fall! I work a lot. I haven’t been posting…my B.

Update: I’ve been working mornings M-F teaching kindergarten (one kid has already puked in class, another tells me different jokes every day that end, without fail, with the punchline “…and then the cow said, ‘WHO CUT THE CHEESE?!’”). Three afternoons a week I work with Canada’s leading classical theatre company for kids. I’ll be facilitating pre- and post-show talk-backs for Canadian Stage Company this fall as well. Evenings and weekends I work at Sephora. The latter came about after I decided that waiting tables would be a good idea, before I realize it was a very bad idea. [Just when you think it can’t get worse than tips that are proportional to the amount of cleavage you show, you wait on an elderly, wealthy man with a gray ponytail who decides he can kiss you ON THE LIPS because the $30 tip he left you entitles him to slobber on your face.] FML…lesson learned: working nights pouring shots and then waking up at six to mold the minds of the future is very confusing and can make you feel like you’re living a double life.

I am reallllly looking forward to Saturday; heading to London for the day to see the family. Shout out to book club: sorry I’m missing Friday 😦

In movie news, I saw Crazy, Stupid Love last night and it was cute. How to Make an American Quilt was on t.v. a week or two ago and I was in heaven. Dark Girls at TIFF was a very cool experience; very eye-opening. It taught me about colourism and was controversial even within the audience in our own theatre.

P.S., it’s fall! And fall means sweaterrrrrs

Also…I love the new Zooey Deschenel show. Anybody?

The New Girl

And, I did my nails…like a leopard:



About weywardsisters

The Three Weyward Sisters first appeared in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. It turns out we have more in common with these “weird” sisters than we thought. In the Shakespeare play the sisters represent darkness, chaos and conflict. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of us represents each. They also usually show up to mark impending doom. Well, we certainly hope that our presence on this little corner of the Interwebs doesn’t mean impending doom for anyone. However, we find our commonalities with the witches in other ways. To be weyward means to be willful, disobedient and to turn away from what is “right or proper”. Those who know us would whole heartedly agree – we are three weyward sisters. We are three headstrong, stubborn (some more than others), obstinate and willful sisters. Read at your own risk.

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