Holy crap it’s almost October, by j


Well hello again.

For those you who have been wondering where I’ve been, you can relax.  I haven’t forgotten about you all, I just started graduate school.

So shall we do the recap of stuff I’ve missed blogging about?

1. TIFF – the three sisters and the mother of the three sisters attended the Toronto International Film Festival (very swanky) and saw the documentary “Dark Girls”.  Hopefully a Weyward Sister will give you a slammin’ review.

2. Gas prices – since I’m driving to school out of my area three times a week suddenly gas prices are a whole lot more important to me.  $1.19 a liter?  Ok!  (Although I was told by a certain father that “It should be $1 even.”)

3. Big Brother – it ended and my favourite vet won (yes you read that right, I L-O-V-E Rachel)

4. Provincial election – are we following this shizz??  Hudak wants to make a sex offender registry public?  WTH?

5. Dance Moms – have you seen this reality show?  It is messed up.  A old, dance teacher who yells at little children so that she “toughens them up”.  Insane.

6. No longer going to patronize the Trails End Market.  The owner of the market told a vendor that she was not able to return unless she stopped sending a transgendered employee to work her candle booth.  Because it’s a “family establishment”.

Here’s there number for you to call and tell them why you will no longer be spending your cash at the market:

1 (519) 268-3840

And after 2 weeks of grad school I feel as though I am an expert.  Here is what I have learned so far:

1. Reading.  Lots of reading.

2. Be super psyched and super social work-y (including using social work-y language {“ideology”, “discourse”, “inclusive”}, eat social work-y food {salads, quinoa, almonds, tap water}, talk about social work-y topics {oppressed children, oppressed women, oppressed immigrants…basically anyone/thing that is oppressed}).

3. I’m horrible. 😉


About weywardsisters

The Three Weyward Sisters first appeared in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. It turns out we have more in common with these “weird” sisters than we thought. In the Shakespeare play the sisters represent darkness, chaos and conflict. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of us represents each. They also usually show up to mark impending doom. Well, we certainly hope that our presence on this little corner of the Interwebs doesn’t mean impending doom for anyone. However, we find our commonalities with the witches in other ways. To be weyward means to be willful, disobedient and to turn away from what is “right or proper”. Those who know us would whole heartedly agree – we are three weyward sisters. We are three headstrong, stubborn (some more than others), obstinate and willful sisters. Read at your own risk.

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