Glitter Explosion, by j


This perfectly sums up what happened last night:

M, A and I all arrived via TO Red Rocket to the CNE and trudged over the bridge to the Molson Amphitheater to witness the hot mess that is Ke$ha.

A year ago Ke$ha was touring as Rihanna’s opening act.  This time?  She has four opening acts.  Holy shit.

I called the venue early and found out that doors opened at 6pm (for those sad sacks who were stuck on the hill) and the first act started up at 7pm.

A, M and I were not all too eager to see Karl Wolf (that one good song is catchy about Africa) and someone named “Beardo”.

We arrived at the venue just as LMFAO was starting their set.  For those who are not acronym savvy LMFAO stands for “Laugh My F***ing A$$ Off”.  Classy, oui?

This hip hop duo is known for one of the “hottest” tracks of the summer (if you’re a top 40 kind of listener).  Check out the “Party Rock Anthem”.

As we listened to the band we found out that they also wrote another catchy little tune.

THE THEME FROM JERSEY SHORE!  Check out this video and the amazing fist pumping action:

And then the Glitter Queen arrived.

She’s definitely a performer and was dirty, shimmery and loud.  Her opening was less than exciting, but I wonder if she wanted to be a legit DJ.  Whatev.

Her opening number “Get Sleazy” which A sang over and over before the show. Badly.

Performing “Blow” from the new album. Sidenote: Dawson (of the Creek) is in the video!!!

One of my faves, “Party at a Rich Dude’s House”…my favourite part is at 28 seconds.

This is A’s favourite. Ke$ha told us that she wrote it about a young woman names “Jeanie” who she got drunk with, only to find out that Jeanie stole her car. A lesson to teach us to not get fucked up with a random woman who always bums rides off of you. Or else you wake up to a very unpleasant morning (with a killer hangover).

Cannibal, the most controversial number. The Australians got their panties in a twist when she first did this number. Halfway through she pretends to eat a human heart (therefore lots of fake blood). It was kind of hilarious. Oh, and AWESOME.

Ke$ha’s favourite: Animal!

The hit “Dinosaur”. The dancers are dancing with walkers. Grams, take notice.

Ke$ha talking about the influence for her “Grow A Pear” song. Sitting on a chair, sipping a “cool beer” that was provided by a bizarre “Santa” character.

Gyrating on a 17 year old while singing “Grow A Pear”…as Ke$ha said when she found out about his age, “This is about to get really inappropriate”. And hilarious.

So that was the performance. It was fantastic and amazing and tons of fun (you might be able to tell from the three of us singing along in the above vids).

Thanks so much to the parents for the tickets…a wonderful way to celebrate a new beginning for all the sisters!

P.S. More glitter-ific pics to come.

P.P.S. I am finding glitter still all over me.


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The Three Weyward Sisters first appeared in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. It turns out we have more in common with these “weird” sisters than we thought. In the Shakespeare play the sisters represent darkness, chaos and conflict. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of us represents each. They also usually show up to mark impending doom. Well, we certainly hope that our presence on this little corner of the Interwebs doesn’t mean impending doom for anyone. However, we find our commonalities with the witches in other ways. To be weyward means to be willful, disobedient and to turn away from what is “right or proper”. Those who know us would whole heartedly agree – we are three weyward sisters. We are three headstrong, stubborn (some more than others), obstinate and willful sisters. Read at your own risk.

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