Krakow, You’re So Adorable I Want to Squeeze Your Cheeks! by j

After a few days in Warsaw we made our way to Krakow, the previous capital of Poland (like a million years ago).  We traveled to Poland by train.  The train station in Warsaw is a scary looking building meant to intimidate and frighten.  So imagine my surprise of getting off the train in Krakow to be met by old buildings with balconies, trees and greenery and a sense of “Old World” Europe that was much more authentic than Warsaw’s attempts.

Krakow is not a big city, but what it lacks in actual size in makes up for in cuteness.  Krakow is like the younger, cooler, hipper sister of Warsaw who acts all superior when asked where their government buildings are or where their edifices are that are younger than 150 years old.

Krakow was amazing, and we weren’t the only ones who thought so.  It was covered with much more English speaking folks from the world than Warsaw.  The weather was even different.  Where Warsaw had some pretty epic pathetic fallacy.  Krakow was sunny, bright, colourful and hot as hell (love it).

So here are a collection of the Krakow pics, enjoy!

Cloth Hall - The "Oldest Shopping Mall In The World"


Market Square!


Huts on Market Square


The Pugetow Palace (our hotel!)


Amber Stall in Cloth HallFlorianska StreetKrakow Loves JPII As Well


Yummy Meat Hut in Market


Salt Mine Just Outside of Krakow, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


JP II Salt.


Oscar Schindler's Office


Remuh Cemetary in Krakow, the oldest Jewish Cemetary in the City


Salt Mine's Underground Cathedral...largest in the world! You can get married 140 meters underground!


Wawel Castle in Krakow


St. Mary's Church in Market Square



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  1. Love these pics! I have two students who are from Krakow. They are heading back for a summer visit in a couple weeks.

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