Shellac, by m


Before I begin…who changed the look of our blog??
What’s with the green-grass?  It looks lame, and I  wasn’t consulted.   Is this just on my computer, or do we look ‘eco-friendly’ to all our followers? Lame.

Secondly, sorry to J for leaving the blog unattended in her absence.  I blame it on a week-long bender (happy birthday to me!).

Here’s what I’m about to write about (dad, you’ve been warned):

So, I was meeting up with a friend yesterday to enjoy the sun and get out of the house.  She suggested we get manicures, and I was definitely up for it.  Turns out that I seem to have been living under a rock, because she asked if I’d be up for trying a Shellac manicure, and I had no idea what she was talking about!

She pulled out her blackberry and showed me an article in Toronto Life on the latest trend in nails:  UV-cured gel lacquer that lasts up to 14 days (chip free).

My sisters and I are pretty obsessed with nails these days, and mom has even requested that I pick up one of Deborah Lippmann’s shades for her from Holt’s.

What with our family being on the cutting edge with nail trends these days,  I considered it my duty to check up on this gel trend.

So, the Toronto Life article mentioned this place at Dundas and Palmerston, which is in my new neighbourhood.  It’s called WowWow Nails ( , and their introductory price for CND’s Shellac (one brand that specializes in gel lacquer; OPI also does a line called Axxium) is only $10!  Ten bucks for a manicure that lasts 14 days?  We had to see for ourselves.  Some salons are charging upwards of $50 for brands like Axxium.

Shellac by CND

The process was time consuming (it took over an hour), and was a dry manicure (no soaking).  Most of the time was spend making sure that my nails were meticulous (the gel won’t stick if there is anyyyything on the nail bed).  After each coat of polish (base coat, two coats of colour, and top coat), you have to put your hands under a UV light for a couple of minutes to let the lacquer “cure”.

UV lamp

Strangest part?  IT’S INSTANTLY DRY.  No worries about chips or smudges, no need to stress about rummaging in your purse for keys or money. INSTANTLY DRY AND INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!  So far, anyways.

24 hours later, and here’s how they’re doing:

One of the strangest parts is that I can’t take the stuff off…you have to go back  in two weeks and have it soaked off with some  special ingredient.  I can paint over them, then take off the paint with nail polish remover, and the Shellac with still be intact, underneath, undisturbed.

So, you understand why I’m so shocked that I’ve never heard of Axxium or Shellac.  It seems they could be life changing.


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  1. The blog layout was all wonky (how did you deal with that while I was gone?! It drove me crazy after 12 hours) so I instantly looked for another layout that made it all better- we can choose another soon!!
    And I need one of these manicures. Stat.

  2. I love my Deborah Lippman, thank you M! I am not so sure about the shellac…there is a certain connection between the terms ‘being shellacked’ and ‘having the*!@# beat out of you’ that I am not entirely able to disconnect from….I seem to remember being on the receving end of a ‘good shellacking’ in grade 9 broomball….ouch!

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