Royal Wedding: Part Two, by j


There’s been lots of speculation in the past month over many details of the giant wedding between Will & Kate.  A big question has been surrounding the guest list.  There was quite a lot of discussion when it was revealed that Posh & Becks (relevant as they are) and Elton & his Canadian hubby are to be in attendance.

Who else is going to be witnessing the nuptials?  Joss Stone (a weak Janis Joplin-esque singer), Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean!) even Mr. Harper of the Harper Government (however he did decline the invite due to the fact that it would take away from him pulling the wool over Canadians’ eyes during the last three days of the federal election).

This week we’ve also seen some people get very angry over their lack of invite, (cue Lily Allen ranting and raving).

However, why aren’t we discussing the other guests?  Sure you’ve got your royals from other families and countries being invited, the owner of the pub in Kate’s village and friends of the couple.  But why aren’t we talking about the human rights abusers that are being invited?  No one seems all that concerned that higher ups in the governments of Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia (according to this article) have been given invitations.

There seems to be more concern over who wasn’t invited than those that were.

Oh, wait.   Maybe I do know what the British Monarchy feels completely fine with inviting dictators and corrupt politicians to their wedding parties.  Considering that these people gained most of what’s in their precious palaces through pillaging, colonizing and exploiting it’s no wonder they’re comfortable keeping company of those who hurt, kill or maim others.  Yeah, it actually makes perfect sense.

King Mswati III of Swaziland...partying in London using corrupt money to live the life.


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