Hey! I didn’t know Jack Black was such an important part of American colonial history…by a


Setting: My American Art and Architecture class.

Topic being discussed: Late Colonial art.

Fun Fact: When the American artist John Copley captured this portrait (below) of the celebrated Patriot, Paul Revere in 1768, little did he know it was actually the American funny man, Jack Black.

Fun Fact II: When this came on the screen, I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and laugh hysterically. Something just told me that the classroom of hipster artistes wouldn’t appreciate my insight.

"Paul Revere" aka Jack Black, by John Copley (1768-1770)

Jack Black in the modern day era.






About weywardsisters

The Three Weyward Sisters first appeared in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. It turns out we have more in common with these “weird” sisters than we thought. In the Shakespeare play the sisters represent darkness, chaos and conflict. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of us represents each. They also usually show up to mark impending doom. Well, we certainly hope that our presence on this little corner of the Interwebs doesn’t mean impending doom for anyone. However, we find our commonalities with the witches in other ways. To be weyward means to be willful, disobedient and to turn away from what is “right or proper”. Those who know us would whole heartedly agree – we are three weyward sisters. We are three headstrong, stubborn (some more than others), obstinate and willful sisters. Read at your own risk.

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  1. UWO hipsters…phhhht. They would probably laugh their asses off if the portrait looked like some idiot, like Craig Keilburger (BLOG POST IDEA!). (“He’s a Canadian icon…blahblahblah”…more like Canadian asswipe).

    I too, would be busting a gut. As I did in my office today.


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